Oxymoron Entertainment Christopher Mallick Media Fraud or Breach of Contract

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Oxymoron Entertainment's Christopher Mallick and Larry Chavana. Also implicated are Oxymoron Entertainment's "President" whom we will name in the next addition, in addition to related assets and former associates.

This involves the return of misappropriated "missing" funds, as previously agreed.

Oxymoron Entertainment and Christopher Mallick & Associates have had more than enough time and opportunity to give compensation for their actions.

Please contact us with an offer of compensation and closure within 14 days of this posting.

Our next posting will include:

1. More details including the words of former Christopher Mallick employees and associates to clarify the situation.

2. Historical information about the background of Christopher Mallick and Oxymoron Entertainment, along with the other court listed assets in support of this report.

Note to PissedConsumer staff: Oxymoron Entertainment is listed in a related judgment and is directly involved and responsible. Representatives of Christopher Mallick or Oxymoron Entertainment may attempt again to mislead.

The next update will include but not be limited to Oxymoron Entertainment.

Link found on the situation and Photo included from: http://oxymoronentertainment.blogspot.com and/or Jchristophermallick biography.

Image sourced from publicly available information.

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Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand #883370

"This man stole $16,000 of my money, and in doing so left me stranded and penniless, thousands of miles from home.In the years since I've recovered from the loss of my life savings, but I sincerely hope that this cruel, heartless excuse for a human being gets his just rewards."

But not just me, also all of these people below:

"Have you achieved any real progress with epassporte problem ?...

Chris Mallick , he stole from me 250K , and I am desperate ! do you have any other lead beside these 2 attorneys , do you know anyone else that have intention the sue Mallick in U.S court ?"

- Annette -

"Ask that guy that killed himself when he lost all of his money, what he thinks about Chris Mallick."

- Mr. P. "I hated reading about that, very sad." - George W., Australia "He (Christopher Mallick) is so full of ***.

I know plenty of people that are owed 10,000s of dollars...never got paid for the wallet money, nor did any of my friends, and we are talking XX,XXX amounts" - Konda "I am still owed $50k. Him running away with my money nearly ended my business. He had all the account information, and we all uploaded wire information forms to those accounts. The wire information forms had prewritten the amount we were owed.

All he had to do was send out the money. The question is, where did he get the $35m to invest in his movie? most likely our epass accounts. And when the movie netted $1m or so, it's pretty obvious why he...

He is so full of *** it's not even funny. If I ever come across him in real life, I afraid of what I'll do. It could be bad..." - N.X., Norway "I am still out of pocket more than $30k...I wrote it off on taxes and just put it down to an *** who will one day get what he deserves from someone far angrier than I. I still refuse to do business with the people who worked there and now work at the reincarnations.

They did 0(zero) to help and were just full of *** after years of doing business with me." - C.S. "...nearly $20k, 2 business associates of mine are owed around $40k and $70k respectively. When I speak to people in the L.A. Entertainment and Legal industry, I get descriptions of Christopher Mallick such as "fraud" and "***".

That should tell you something about where your money went. He also appears to have crooked *** lawyers and associates who do anything for money... The kind of guy who will end up on the evening news one day." - T.L. - NYC "that's BS Christopher Mallick owes me Thousands of dollars.

FUKC him in ***" - B.B. "Our account was and still is owed $XX,XXX.xx Thousands We sent all requested and needed paperwork etc... made call after call... So yes Mallick is full of ***..." - P.A.R "you can count me in that group of people that were never paid their wallet funds $4.5k.

So, if Christopher Mallick says that all legitimate claims are paid back, and considering that they have records of every single account. How can there be so many webmasters who still have monies that remain unpaid? Or how could there possibly be "Questionable" accounts. They received money, it was in an account that they controlled, its either there, or they took (stole) it.

All they had to do was send funds from the accounts, back to the account holders.. it doesn't get any more simple than that." Oxymoron Entertainment is hiding something bad. - Rich "He still owes me 3k." - Bishop "I had 23.5k in my epassporte account. Luckily for me it was on the virtual account that was supposed to be "less safe"...

I recieved a mastercard from them and withdrew the funds (under the control of St. Kitts Bank over several months time. I hear that people that had the money in their "more secure" wallet account, which I believe was Christopher Mallicks bank account, never were paid anything out as far as I know. In the start it looked like the visa funds people were screwed and the wallet people were fine, but in the end it was the other way around.

Visa froze the funds before 1000's of people got fukced. My personal feeling is that Mallick was taking funds outta the accounts to fund his other stuff, and Visa found out. (and cut him off)" - F. J.

"Yeah, the best part of the whole scam was the "virtual visa" and the more secure "wallet"... they pushed and pushed people to that "wallet" and in the end that just seemed to be a slush fund for Christopher Mallick's other projects, nothing secure about it." - T.G. "I did not get paid. Chris knows who I am on both a personal and professional level.

ePassporte did send a portion of my money. Then they stopped and a couple grand was held back. I have the documentation." - V.R, USA "I'm still owed $2600 .... a small amount compared to some, but it's still MY $2600!!

I lost much more also in lost clients -- My wire status on the epassporte website is PENDING since September 21, 2010.

- F.F., Montreal Canada "You would have to go after this guy on principal, just for the sake of having him spend money to defend himself." - S.C., Miami Fl, US

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Still waiting on my money Chris, I won't go away! http://www.christophermallick.net

Oxymoron Entertainment - Miserable quality, design. Customer Service= Oxymoron

Clearwater, Florida 0 comments

Within hrs of rec'g venetian glass heart pendant as a gift, I tried to return but was told it was ONE DAY PAST return policy as it was purchased while traveling as a surprize from the gift giver. Chain like novelty toy, pendant similar to $5 items I've seen. Corp cust. service rigid, Asked for 1/2 back or gift card to donate to charity but was told that equals a REFUND, Odd Refund means money back. Tried Ebay listing at $50, no one. (Another poor soul also was listing to get rid of it as well there). Finally, I took a friend who enjoys cheap trinkles and baubles for fun. Even she had difficulty finding something. We found an abundance of LAB CREATED or SIMULATED "jewels". One item my friend selected was an adjustable slide SS chain but the price was double what I had paid for the same item elsewhere but we were desparate to get this over before the clock again ran out on at least exchanging.

If value for 60 days, where'd the value disappear to on DAY 61 ? Now, had it been 2 month that didn't happen to have 31 days in one of them, then the refund policy would have applied. Guess Moses had their policy on the back of those 2 tablets he brought down from the mount.

Had items for repair w/ me but NO WAY any future dealing w/ Kay. Will let anyeone/everyone know this story. Advertising works both ways.

Buyer beware.

Review about: Low Quality Product.

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